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Category: AC repair

Finding The Right AC Repair, Tomball

When you look for someone to do your air conditioner repair in Tomball, what should you look for in your choice of repairmen?

· Reputation
· Reliability
· Experience
· Equipment

Air conditioners are expensive, but at the same time, the weather around Houston won’t let you go without one in the summertime — so it’s important that you get it fixed in the most intelligent possible fashion. Nearly everyone in Tomball, Texas is ignorant about what it takes to repair an air conditioner, so they’d have no clue if the technician that came out to look at their problem was bamboozling them or not.

That’s why you should check the reputation and the dependability of your AC and/or heating repair Tomball business before you start working with them. Get word of mouth from your friends, neighbors, family, and acquaintances as a good place to start.

You can also often get good contacts by calling the various heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) companies and asking them for references. Any regular Houston HVAC provider shouldn’t have any problem giving you a list of their satisfied customers all around Tomball and Spring for you to chat with. Checking online review sites can be a decent source of good information as well.

Air conditioner repair utilizes specialized tools and parts like gauges, pipes, fittings, Freon, and other assortments and sundries. Older AC units use different gases than newer models, and require special expertise to tackle. Ask your AC repair company to show you their license to handle Freon and the other various chemicals that AC units use.

Experienced AC repairmen are generally more willing (and able!) to clean up and maintain existing older units, whereas the newer folks tend to go straight for the much more expensive and demanding route of replacing older units with newer ones. Older Tomball houses have more complicated components to their AC system, making cleaning them up a more challenging proposition.

Of course, eventually, all AC units will need to be replaced. But the right HVAC company can save you money by extending the life of an old unit for as long as possible. One simple way to help them is to swap the filter on your AC unit frequently. Do so once each month in the heat of the summer, but if the winter is a cool one you can probably go all winter without a replacement.

Your Home AC Repair, Spring

There’s a few things you probably don’t know about your AC Repair, Spring, Texas, that you need to know in order to make the best decision when it comes to getting your repairs done. Most air conditioning problems are common enough that a certified AC repairman can do them quite easily.

Air conditioners’ most common condition is that they’ll run without actually cooling the air. There are a variety of potential problems that could be at fault. Perhaps there’s a short somewhere that is preventing the compressor from coming online. Perhaps the compressor is burnt out, or the startup capacitor has gone bad. Maybe it’s an issue with installation. The wide variety of potential problems is one of the good reasons why only certified repairmen should be called upon to do your AC or heating repair, Spring.

Of course, there are more problems AC units can suffer, as well. Maybe your unit is leaking. That could be because the drain is clogged, or because a ball bearing broke and locked up your air conditioner, or one of the evaporator coil pans got rusty. If you suspect a problem, go outside to the machine itself and listen — if you can’t hear the compressor running, that’s why your house is getting too warm.

An AC unit works like a refrigerator. The freon inside travels through an expansion valve where it expands (surprise!), and as it expands, it gets cold. Then the cold freon is run through a series of coils. A fan pulls air past the supercooled coils, and the result is cold air that gets blasted all over your home. The freon gas then warms, condenses into a liquid, falls, and recollects — only to get pushed through the expansion valve again for another cycle. The freon is completely sealed off from the outside world and should never need cleaning or replacing.

That said, sometimes a unit that needs AC repair Spring-s a leak (bad joke, I know) and starts losing freon. Oftentimes the leak is slow enough that it takes weeks to have a noticeable effect. Sometimes the vacuum hose wasn’t installed properly, sometimes the braze welding wasn’t done to spec — again, more reason to call in a certified Spring AC repairman like the ones at Ambient Heating and Cooling.

At Ambient, we are not only certified, but we’re also bonded — which means that if we don’t get the job done right, we have insurance that says the cost of fixing what we put wrong is on us. There’s no safer or more reliable way to get your AC repair, Spring or anywhere else around Houston.

The Best Quality AC Repair Houston Has To Offer

Who provides the best AC repair Houston can offer? It’s a difficult question to answer, but it’s important to do so — selecting the best company for the job is an important step in providing for the comfort of your family. Properly repaired, your AC system will last for a very long time, silently working to cool, clean, and condition your air for years to come. Improperly repaired, an air conditioner can not only break down faster and cost more, it can be actively dangerous to your family.

Here are a few things to consider when you decide on who will do your AC repair; Tomball, Spring, and Houston are all served by similar companies, and their citizens can all rely on similar questions to determine who is the best.

Are they licensed, bonded, and certified? If they can’t provide you with copies of their Certificate of Coverage, their licenses, and their Certificate of Bond, they aren’t anyone you want to work with. Ambient Heating and Cooling is fully bonded, licensed, and certified, and we don’t hesitate to show it off on request.

What kind of operation are they running? There are solopreneurs out there running an AC repair service out of the back of a pickup truck, but they’re in the phone book. These folks might be perfectly honest people who can lowball you a price, but then they’re just as likely to be the type to do a sub-par job and then disappear into the night. Ambient has three offices, in Tomball, Pinehurst, and Hockley, and we serve the entire greater Houston area.

Can they provide references? There is no more reliable form of advertising next to word of mouth. Client references provide useful information about the character and success of a company — so ask for references, and then call those folks and talk to them personally. Ambient is proud of our service record, and we keep a list of client references handy.

Will the company provide a written estimate with all details and warranties explained? Once the technician as examined your broken air conditioner, they should be able to give you a written proposal for the work they believe needs to be done, along with what it will cost you. The estimate should lay out in detail exactly what will be done, and what guarantees you have that the work will be successful. Ambient Heating and Cooling offers proposals with every job, and all details are laid out clearly with no fine print.

Any time you need to deal with an AC repair guy, you should endure the heat long enough to ask around and find the best AC repair Houston has to offer, or you risk a lot more than a few more hot summer days.

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