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Getting Quality Heating Repair: Houston And Surrounding Areas

No matter where you go, it can be tough to get quality heating repair; Houston to Dallas to Nome, Alaska, there’s just a lot of chaff you have to sort through to get to the good repairmen. Whether it’s for an emergency job or a routine checkup, getting the right man to do the job is critical — and they’re far from identical.

When you start looking for an heater repairman (or repairwoman, of course,) start with your warranty. Many if not most allow any licensed company to come in and do repairs; others require you to pick from a narrow list of preferred service providers. (You’ll notice that most heater repairfolk also do AC repair, Houston, so keep tabs on your final choice year-round.)

Once you’ve established who your warranty will allow you to call, it’s time for a little more research. First, note the make and model of your heater, and keep it on hand when you’re calling or clicking around. Ideally, you’ll find a local, trusted company like Ambient Heating and Cooling, which serves Houston, Spring, Tomball, and the surrounding areas.

Then, you need to ask them a few critical questions if they don’t already have the answers laid out on their website. Are they bonded (aka insured)? Do they have experience with your specific make and model? What do they charge for coming out and looking around?

One question to ask that’s very important: are they available 24/7? In Houston, if they aren’t, you could end up suffering through some very long, very hot nights if they aren’t. Even worse, if they don’t do weekends, it could be even longer.

Finally, ask them if they can put you on a regular maintenance plan, where they come out twice a year (Spring and fall — yeah, yeah, bad joke) and perform a checkup on your heater and, if they handle them, your AC unit as well. Such regular checkup might seem unnecessary up front, but it will eventually save you a lot of money in the long run, as you’ll require much less emergency repair. Some companies even offer discounts on emergency repairs to those clients that are on a program of regular checkups, making this option even more viable.

If you can find a company that can answer those questions to your satisfaction and is allowed by your warranty, you’ve found quality heating repair, Houston — don’t let them get away from you!

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